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Monday December 18th @ 8PM EST


Join the Clearing Circle

Weekly Oracle Card Circle

Join us on your lunch hour for a free Oracle Card reading every Thursday at 11am EST on zoom. Please note your do not have to be a member to attend this event.

Join Free Oracle Card Circle

We hosts spiritual-based circles & workshops via zoom as part of our membership. Please check the events on the Purple Moon Healing Group Facebook page to see topics. This is a great space for newly attuned reiki students to find individuals to practice reiki with. 


Ground Open Connect

Starting our day can be a little all over the place with working from home, getting kids ready for school, packing lunches…. Creating routine is key. Beginning our day ensuring that we are Grounded has been proven to help us focus, stay present and make better choices. We start by grounding ourselves in the here and now, opening hearts center and connecting with life force energy. We will follow with reiki & end with creating our own protection bubble along with an intention for the day. Join us for 30 minutes each Monday @ 9:30am SHARP.

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