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Mediumship can be used for various purposes, such as providing comfort and closure to those who have lost loved ones, gaining insight and guidance from spiritual beings, or assisting with paranormal investigations.

In this class we are going to tap into these skills and learn to use our 6 senses to receive messaging from the other side.

If you have someone close to you that is on the other side, I welcome you to bring a photo of this person for our practice

March 20th 2023 @ 8PM EDT

Learn Mediumship

Embodiment of Flow

Most people think that they need to sit in meditation for hours in order to obtain flow in their energetic field. In this class we are going to be discussing all of the energies, including the 12 dimensions, the physical, mental, emotional, submental, and morphogenetic field that ultimately affects flow in the body.
Using source codes, you will be led through a short meditation to clear access energies from your body.
Monday April 3rd 2023 @8pm EDT
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We hosts spiritual-based circles & workshops via zoom as part of our membership. Please check the events on the Purple Moon Healing Group Facebook page to see topics. This is a great space for newly attuned reiki students to find individuals to practice reiki with. 


Ground Open Connect

Starting our day can be a little all over the place with working from home, getting kids ready for school, packing lunches…. Creating routine is key. Beginning our day ensuring that we are Grounded has been proven to help us focus, stay present and make better choices. We start by grounding ourselves in the here and now, opening hearts center and connecting with life force energy. We will follow with reiki & end with creating our own protection bubble along with an intention for the day. Join us for 30 minutes each Monday @ 9:30am SHARP.

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Weekly Oracle Card Circle

Join us on your lunch hour for a free Oracle Card reading every Thursday at 11am EST on zoom. Please note your do not have to be a member to attend this event.

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Pleiadians ~The Healers

Pleiadians originated on the planet Erra which is located around the star Taygeta. Their dimensional perspectives exist from 3D to 9D. They look exactly like humans, but in reality, they are extra-terrestrial individuals. Join us to connect with the Pleiadians.

April 17th 2023 @8PM EDT

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Healing the Witch Wound

Like so many of us, maybe you hide your spiritual beliefs and magical practices from others. Some of you may carry a deep fear of speaking your truth and being authentically seen. Do you feel called to share your gifts with the world, but stay silent due to fear of backlash and judgment?⁣ You may be experiencing few of the symptoms of the psychic trauma many spiritual and magical beings carry, known as the Witch Wound. ⁣⁣

Join our circle to cast off and clear the wounding that may have occurred in your past lives and the judgment that you may have experienced in this lifetime.Our ritual will dive into the Akashic records and recant the record and resonance that is being held in your body.

In person circle~ Whitby

Saturday April 29th @ 7pm


Heal the Witch Wound