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Guiding souls on a sacred quest to reclaim the purity of their authentic essence.

A safe space to embrace and express your authentic self with confidence. Releasing any anxiety, stories and false realities. Calling in calmness, joy and inspiration.


Michelle is a certified Quantum Touch & D-Codes practitioner + Reiki Master who supports those who have experienced sexual trauma and/or are in alternative relationships to become confident in their sexuality and their life choices.

Having completed 500+ hours of training and over 200 sessions, she has a proven track record for helping people who are desiring to live an authentic lifestyle to drop the masks and people pleasing tendencies and become unapologetically empowered. Her mission is to see her clients able to surrender to their true needs and desires, feel sexy and beautiful, and build a secure and loving relationship with their partner(s).

You’ll feel seen, heard, understood and valued, never judged in a session with Michelle.




Ready to end the cycles of anxiety by moving though trauma, cutting cords and ancestral line clearing.

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Andrea M

Michelle is like your trusted guide in the journey to find your own clarity. She doesn't just talk the talk; she reads the body codes and tunes in to your soul to figure out what needs to shift in your body.

It's not some distant process either – she's right there with one hand on your back, giving you that gentle nudge of support to bring things to the surface. It's like having a friend who's got your back while pushing you a bit to help you unfold what's really going on.

Michelle's approach is genuine, and you can feel the realness in the support she offers.

Alana C

Michelle is a disruptor. She has the capacity, willingness, desire, heart, and ability to hold a SAFE space that allows you to break down to have a breakthrough, to be lost to be found again, and to struggle to succeed.Being in conversation with Michelle over the years has allowed me to get in touch with the depths of my soul, remember who I am and why I am here. With her support and guidance, I have gained a greater understanding of myself which has led to extraordinary breakthroughs. Being present and consistently doing the work with the support from Michelle and others, I have been able to get to the underlying issues, beliefs, and behaviours that held power over me for years and showed up in my life as anxiety, guilt, obligation, and self doubt. Because of this, I have awakened to endless possibilities and for that, I have infinite gratitude for Michelle and the work she does.

Farhana J

Michelle has a pragmatic approach to unveiling what's in our blind spots. It's not some mystical process; she has a way of bringing things down to earth.

Michelle has this incredible talent for grounding people back into reality and expanding their perspective beyond their own viewpoint. It's like she opens up a whole new dimension of understanding, making you see things in a way you hadn't considered before.

Working with Michelle feels like getting a reality check that's both eye-opening and down-to-earth. 

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