Easy Cutting Cords Ritual

Feeling the energy of the etheric cords that are stuck between you another person?

Cutting Cords with others allows the energy that is stuck between the two people to clear. All of the judgements, projections and stories are dropped with the cord.

Want a free simple guide to do this yourself?

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Feeling like your missing something? Like there is more to clearing this feeling or energy between you and this person?

There could be a contract, oath, vow, agreement or curse in the way. Book a personal session if you need some support of help.

What customers are saying...

I have been working with Michelle for almost 2 years now. I look forward to her weekly mediation & spiritual evenings as well as her morning ground open connect sessions twice a week, and rarely miss one. I received my level 2 Holy Fire Reiki training under Michelle. I have been attending the group circles, we have worked one on one to develop my skills, without pushing she has encouraged me to trust my instincts and start using my healing gifts to help others.

Jenn K.

Michelle is a disruptor. She has the capacity, willingness, desire, heart, and ability to hold a SAFE space that allows you to break down to have a breakthrough, to be lost to be found again, and to struggle to succeed. Over the years she has allowed me to get in touch with the depths of my soul, remember who I am and why I am here. With her support and guidance, I have gained a greater understanding of myself which has led to extraordinary breakthroughs. Being present and consistently doing the work with the support from Michelle and others, I have been able to get to the underlying issues, beliefs, and behaviors that held power over me for years and showed up in my life as anxiety, guilt, obligation, and self doubt. Because of this, I have awakened to endless possibilities.

Alana C.

There have been a couple of times in the past couple of years that I have felt stuck with moving forward with a decision in my life. I was needing clarity or had to let go of something from my past in order to move forward. Michelle helped me break free and see things from a new perspective. She provided a safe space where I could calmly tune into my intuition and invite in whatever messages I needed to receive. Most recently, I was feeling stuck in the direction to take my business. Michelle guided me through the process of letting go of some negative energy that was holding me back. I had a major breakthrough in the 24 hours that followed our session, and I am so grateful for Michelle's support.

Jen T.