Amplify Your Intuition

- Learning to trust what you feel



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March 21-23 @ 8PM EST


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3 days back to back










What will we be covering....

  • Learning what energy is yours and what belongs to others.

  • How drama pulls on your energetic field.

  • Navigating around permanent people in your life that drain your energy.

  • Bringing awareness to what we put in our body and how this affects our energy.

  • Clearing patterns and traumas to raise our vibration.

  • Living authentically, allowing us to become whole.

  • Discernment of our highest good. Honing your intuition. 


If you are focusing on starting your 2023 with a clear slate, clear mind and opening your soul to the amazing possibilities of what this life has to hold for you, then you don’t want to miss out on this workshop.