Do you feel like every time a little extra money comes your way, another bill or expense creeps up to grab it right out of your hands...


Do you get to the end of the month and your already in the hole for next month.


Does this sound familiar?

Maybe you find yourself worrying about how you're going to pay...

💸 Rent/ Mortgage

💸 Credit card bills

💸 Insurance

💸 Car repairs

💸 Your child’s hockey enrollment

💸 Grocery


How do you stop obsessing about where the money is coming from?


It's not your fault that you're having trouble manifesting money!

There are a mirage of subconscious influences that sit beneath the surface that you may not even know you have. The struggles in manifesting money are often rooted in a web of intricate factors, ranging from historical financial inequalities to systemic barriers, which individuals cannot be held accountable for. 

Are you ready to stop

worrying about money

& take back control of

your future?


Save your spot in this 8 week course

 "Abundant Alchemy: Manifesting

Wealth with Conscious Intention"

Clearing Money Mindset Wounds 

Unearth upbringing influences: Explore how your childhood shaped your perceptions of money.

Healing Ancestral  Outdated Belief Systems

Explore the connection between ancestral chords and contracts associated with scarcity.

Decoding Debt & Rules of the Money Game

Break down financial jargon and empower yourself with knowledge.

Alchemy of Abundance & Practical Manifestation

Manifestation rituals that harmonize your inner world with your outer reality.

By the end of this 8 week journey, you will shatter the barriers constraining your abundance, master the intricate dance of the energy of money,  and have a superior education about the energetic rules of the money game. 

You  will find yourself navigating life with newfound clarity, confidence, and the ability to consciously shape your financial reality. 

You know that you are destined for more!

What would it feel like to make choices based on what really lights you up and fills your soul versus what you can afford?

The best part of this 8 week course...It's held by a women who has been in the financial arena for 20+ years.

I'm Michelle.

For over two decades, I've been helping clients with their financial journeys in the money world. But I have always had my foot in the door in the spiritual world, and I have noticed in working with my clients all off the subconscious programming and spiritual blocks that keep them stuck. Something that drives me crazy is that many clients are stuck in the money game and they have no idea what the rules are or even how to play the game. So I though... why not bring my expertise and my passion together and show people the rules, how to play the money game and most important... How to WIN the game!

Alana C

"I have been able to get to the underlying issues, beliefs, and behaviors that held power over me for years and showed up in my life as anxiety, guilt, obligation, and self doubt.  I have now awakened to endless possibilities."

Cassandra B

"Working on my money with Michelle allowed me to look deeper at my beliefs and stories about money. Shifting the perspective has now allowed me to move into a feeling of peace around money."

How do I know this will work for you?

Because as a financial coach for the las two decades and a quantum energy healer, I know what it takes to heal abundance & money blocks from the root and not just continuously sweep the issues under the rug.

I'm ready for ABUNDANCE!

How does it work?

💸 Classes start October 10th 2023 at 8pm EST & are every consecutive Tuesday for 8 weeks.

💸 If you miss a class, No worries! Everything is recorded in your library.

💸 All classes are held on Zoom in Eastern Time.

💸 Group Coaching will be scheduled around the 3-4 week mark.

💸 Communications will happen via email and in a private messenger group.

What we will be covering in the 8 weeks:


🌙 Decoding the financial industry: What the banks are doing that you should be saying “No” to.

🌙 Learning the rule of the money game: demystifying investment jargon.

🌙 Clearing Money Mindset Wounding: Rewriting beliefs.

🌙 Breaking Self Sabotage: Making new habits.



🌙 Understanding Debt: What affects your credit score.

🌙 Daily Practices: Shifting focus towards abundance.

🌙 Understanding fees: Learn what fees are overtaking your budget.

🌙 Emergency preparedness: Having an emergency plan that is NOT your Credit card.

Save your Seat

Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you:



2 monthly payments

  • Live classes each week for 8weeks (Zoom)
  • Access to 1 monthly group coaching call (Zoom)
  • Downloadable workbooks & resources
  • Access to recorded class in library (limited time)
  • Group coaching support in class messenger group
I'm in!



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  • Live classes each week for 8 weeks (Zoom)
  • Access to 2 group coaching call (Zoom)
  • Downloadable workbooks & resources
  • Access to recorded classes in library (indefinitely)
  • Individual coaching support though private messenger.
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Abundant Alchemy

Manifesting Wealth with Conscious Intention










If you aren’t completely satisfied with your Abundant Alchemy: Manifesting Wealth with Conscious Intention, let us know within the first 10-days for a full refund.